These settings are used for Thunderbird.

For information on Outlook click HERE.

For information on Outlook Express click HERE.

For information on Vista's Windows Mail click HERE.

For information on Macintosh Mail click HERE


For e-mail accounts simply replace the

domain with the everywhere it appears. Everything else is the same.


Open Thunderbird

Start by clicking on the Tools menu option at the top of the Thunderbird window.

Click on Account Settings.

Click on the Add Account button.

Select E-mail Account and click Next

Enter your Name and your e-mail address. Be sure to add the part as well.

Click Next

Be sure the POP box is selected and leave the checkbox selected for Use Global Inbox.

Enter the POP3 Incoming mail server and click Next

Enter your e-mail address as the Incoming User Name in lower case letters.

Click Next

Enter an Account name, the default name is fine but you can use any name you wish.

Click Next

Your Outgoing Mail information may not be visible at this point if you have previously

set up an account. Otherwise make your SMTP server and Outgoing User name as shown.

Click Finish.

Your Account settings look like this when you highlight the account.

Click on the Server Settings.

Be sure that Never is selected under Security Settings.

Click on Outgoing SMTP server

You will see one server in the list to the right Click on it and click Edit.

You can leave the Description blank but make sure the Server name is correct.

Change the Port number to 2500 and click OK.

When you check for mail the first time a password window will open. Type your password in lower case letters, check the box and click OK.

You will get an alert message warning you about saving your password. If you want it to be saved click OK.

That's it. Your mail should be working.

Don't forget that we have a webmail interface that works without setting anything up and can be accessed from any computer on the web.

Click here to log into your WebKraft-HS WebMail.

Click here to log into your WebMail.